About Us


About us

We are Georgina and Macarena, mothers, entrepreneurs, avid readers, passionate about languages, world travelers, curious minds… And now also, partners in the adventure of a lifetime! To bring the joy of reading to the little ones of the house!

Georgina is the mother of Inés and Vicente, and baby Chloe. Macarana is a mother of two: Rafael and little Jazmín.

Our children are the true inspiration behind this project. Besides, they are our biggest critics and more demanding clients!

Macarena majored in Business Economics. She was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), she has lived in the US and has been living in Madrid (Spain) for the last 5 years.

Georgina is a journalist by training. She was also born in Buenos Aires. She has lived in France and then she moved to Madrid 10 years ago. With Tu Idea Fabulosa, she helps women entrepreneurs to create solid strategies to make their brand shine and sparkle.

Our values

We want our children to imagine, dream and read stories that provide a message of hope and love, equality and respect for the environment, animals and the entire world.

We create children’s books that contain finely-detailed illustrations and custom-made design. Our stories bridge the gap between books and children by sparking their creativity through fantasy and by promoting love for culture.

In Fabuloos Dreams our mission is to accompany the smallest of the house at all times and stages of life. And what better way to do it than with a good book?

What makes our books different is that the child and the family are the main characters of the stories, therefore they are able to live magical, original and special experiences together. Experiences that will forever hold a special place in their minds and hearts.


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