Terms and conditions

The simple act of accepting the purchase by confirming your order constitutes on your part the acceptance on these conditions, which, in the absence of special conditions, will govern the relationship established between you and Fabuloos Dreams. On accepting the contract, you declare the following:

a) You have sufficient legal capacity for contracting, in accordance with current applicable Spanish legislation. b) You have read and expressly accept each and every one of these General Conditions.

1. Scope of application

These general conditions will govern the commercial relationship established between you and Fabuloos Dreams formalized for the execution of an order, use of the services, purchase or request for products or services the titleholder of the webpage provides on said webpage. The services or products are provided from the web space assigned to the www.fabuloosdreams.com domain, and consequently any purchase made outside of this space will not be binding for Fabuloos Dreams.

2.  Acceptance and validity of the General Conditions

In accordance with conditions described below, these may be modified, so those in force on the date of the acceptance will be valid and applicable for the commercial relationship in question. These clauses will come into force from the moment at which the contract is completed, in accordance with the contents of Law 34/2002. The modification of the General Conditions will be notified to the users on the webpage itself. To this end, we recommend users consult the conditions in force when using the data transmission services of Fabuloos Dreams. Whatever the case may be, the notification will be made sufficiently in advance and the general conditions will be made available for consultation before the contracting is made.

3. Description of the products

The characteristics of the products will be described in all presentations of the product on the webpage. If you want more information on these, you can request it by sending an email to the following email address: contact@fabuloosdreams.com.

4. Purchasing method

Fabuloos Dreams has set up the following procedure for making purchases of products on their webpage.

a. Entry of information: name and surname/s, ID, billing and/or delivery address, contact telephone, date of birth, name/s of brothers and sisters, photograph, etc. Personalized books by Fabuloos Dreams are made using the information and photographs provided by the client. Once they have been entered in accordance with the application displayed on the web, the book begins its production process and no changes are allowed. It is therefore very important for the information to be correct and as desired by the client. Fabuloos Dreams will not be held responsible for any errors made by the client when entering the required information.

b. Choice of the language of the text corresponding to the chosen book.

c. Shopping basket.

d. Registration. If you have chosen the “Buy” option, the registration screen will be displayed: – If you are already registered in Fabuloos Dreams, key in your email and your password and click on the “Enter” button. Your information will be located in our database and you will be able to continue with the purchase procedure. – If you have forgotten your password, access “Password reminder”. Once there, you just have to enter your email address and we will send your password to your email as soon as possible. – If it is the first time you have made a purchase from Fabuloos Dreams and you have not registered before, click on the “My Account” button. Complete the registration form to continue with the purchase procedure.

e. Order After completing the registration screen, you have to complete your order: – Payment method: choose the most suitable payment method. – Delivery method: fill in the information in order to make the dispatch.

f. Formalization of the order: Having completed the information and attached the photo, click on the “Send” button to view your shopping basket containing your order. If you have a discount voucher, key in your code to obtain it.

5. Availability of products and order confirmation

Orders handled by any of the available methods are subject to our supply availabilities. We do not accept any responsibility in the event of delays arising as a consequence of causes beyond the control of our organization. Having accepted the payment and checked the information and photo sent are correct, the production process of the book will begin, which will take an estimated time of up to 13 consecutive working days. Because the products are personalized, in the event that the conditions requested in the order require delivery times to be extended, Fabuloos Dreams will contact the client to provide them with a delivery date. Whatever the case may be, when an order is made, we will provide confirmation by email, and inform you of any incidents as regards availability. If there are any errors or discrepancies in regard to the price, delivery or payment method, please inform us immediately by writing to contact@fabuloosdreams.com.

6. Price of the products

All the prices of the books described on the webpage are considered to be in force until the order is completed. Any subsequent modification will not be applicable once the order has been formalized.

7. Cancellation of orders

Fabuloos Dreams reserves the right to cancel orders because of typographic or arithmetic errors, or because they contain inaccurate mailing addresses that could complicate the delivery of the articles in question. Once the order has been formalized in accordance with the contents of point four, it is not possible to cancel it, with the exception of the right to return described in point nine of these general conditions.

8. Delivery conditions Each of the following delivery methods provided involves different costs. Delivery times: -7 working days after making the order (Spain) -13 working days after making the order (Europe) -20 working days after making the order (rest of the world)

9. Returns of purchases

Fabuloos Dreams declares that, having formalized the order, and in accordance with article 45.b of Law 7/1996, of the 15th of January, on Retail Trade, a right to withdrawal does not exist. Fabuloos Dreams however, will accept all returns made within a period of 5 working days from the reception of the book, provided it is in poor condition for reasons attributable to Fabuloos Dreams, and in accordance with the description of the product appearing on the webpage. Having received the book, Fabuloos Dreams will proceed to check the damage before reprinting the book (provided the deadline for the completion of the order has not been reached) or refunding the amount, and whatever the case may be, the responsibilities of Fabuloos Dreams are limited to these above-mentioned actions. Returns or claims can be made employing the address given in the header of these conditions.

10. Payment methods

Fabuloos Dreams will accept the following payment methods for purchases made in its portal in accordance with the conditions explained here and in the corresponding applicable regulations: Payment using PayPal, Credit Cards or bank transfer. In order to make the payment using PayPal, you can either make use of your account in this safe payment system, or pay directly with your credit card without having to register in Paypal, where the most commonly used credit cards are accepted. Upon finalization of the transaction, the PayPal server will return you to our page and you will receive a mail by way of confirmation of your order.

11. Personal data protection

Information on handling personal data is included in the Privacy Policy in force on the webpage, the acceptance of which is considered to be formalized upon acceptance of these general conditions. Whatever the case may be, we hereby inform you that your data will be entered into a computer file held by Fabuloos Dreams, and will be handled for the purposes of managing our commercial relationship with you. The objective of the use of the photographs of minors, and data downloaded into our books, is the creation of a personalized published product, and these cannot be used for any other purposes unconnected to the activities of Fabuloos Dreams. Clients sending photographs to Fabuloos Dreams declare themselves to be the title holders of all the legal rights over the photographs, or to have requested authorization for their use from the title holders. Where minors under legal age are concerned, clients hereby declare that they have express authorization from the parents or legal representatives for this use. Fabuloos Dreams does not accept any kind of responsibility as regards the reproduction of photos protected by the intellectual property laws and reserves the right to reject any photograph, the content of which could be viewed as discriminatory or contravening the law, or accepted principles of morality and good behaviour.

12. Use of the service and responsibilities

Fabuloos Dreams does not guarantee the permanent availability of the services, and is exonerated of any kind of responsibility as regards possible damages or problems arising as a result of the non-availability of the services for reasons of force majeure or errors in the data transmission networks, not of its own volition. Fabuloos Dreams cannot be held responsible for the contents of the links to other webpages it is not the title holder of, and which it cannot therefore control.

13.  Invalidity of the clauses

If any clause included in these General Conditions were to be declared totally or partially invalid or without effect, only this provision or the invalid or ineffective part in question would be affected, and the General Conditions would continue to be applicable in all other respects.

14. Order claims

If the delivery time described above elapses before you receive your order, contact us by sending a mail to orders@fabuloosdreams.com and we will immediately get in touch with the carrier and make the corresponding complaint.